Enhance your personality with enriching travel experiences

Aesthetic pictures and videos of mountains and beaches entice one to open booking apps and search for accommodation, but questions like, “Is travel even worthwhile?” keep one from actually going.

Travel is more than just good weather and scenic beauty; it is a learning of life that impacts one in many ways. The words of William Langewiesche, “So much of who we are is where we have been.” illustrates the importance of travel in personality development.

Rather than seeing it as a mere decompressing activity, think of it as a path to self-discovery. With travel, leaders, CEOs, etc., widen their perspectives and learn how to navigate difficult situations effectively. 

Travel benefits one in innumerable ways, such as:

Redefine perceptions

While travelling, the exposure to different situations, people, and challenges makes one rethink and redefine their perception of life and people. Many C-level executives often find start-up ideas by getting out of their plushy offices and learning about the struggles of different people.


A study by Washington State University found travelling makes people 7% happier than others. Observing alternative lifestyles, makes you better appreciate your own leaves you with contentment. It encourages people to take a break from the corporate race and revaluate their priorities.

Health benefits

A healthy mind is a key to a healthy body, and stress is the monstrous sickness that rots mental peace. Research suggests chronic stress causes heart and neuro illness. According to AARP’s latest study, 81% of Boomers noticed a positive impact of travel on health and improved mental clarity by 45%. Thus, get out and rejuvenate. 

Efficient money management

Travel makes one money-smart. Planning, budgeting, and spending cautiously on different things enhance your money management skills. Moreover, discovering how people manage households with small budgets makes you better appreciate the value of money and reduce wasteful expenditure. 

Enhances productivity

Lately, companies have started encouraging workations and remote working because studies show travel enhances productivity by 58%. It breaks monotonous routines, rewires, and boosts productivity. Moreover, unexpected travel situations make you quick on your feet and thus, prepare you for any unexpected work deadlines.

This way, travelling imbibes different qualities in people and helps in self-discovery. It is no more just a trip with friends but a learning experience that bears fruit in the long run. What is holding you back from planning your next vacation? Is it the dilemma of cost and budget? Not anymore. Dili is India’s first fintech company to offer easy loan options for travel. We aim at letting people grow personally and professionally with experiences. Whether food, accommodation, or travel, we finance it all. Time is ticking. Book your next travel adventure with Dili, and pay later.

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