Festive season Extravaganza with Dili

The festive season is here! Are you wondering how to use this festival season to increase sales? Dili is here to enable you to achieve that.

Customers would look forward to traveling to exotic locations, getting cosmetic treatments, enrolling in creative and sporting events, and many other things at this time. These and other areas of high importance are often not served with easy-to-obtain financial assistance. Hence, it would be easier for them to avail these services if they got some kind of financial aid. 

That is when you, as a merchant, can help them fulfill their dreams by availing of our services. You can offer your customers the option of making installment payments through loan options offered by  Dili and avail your services. That would not only help your customers but also enhance your store’s earning potential.

The Indian e-commerce GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) was recorded at US$ 8.3 billion (IBEF statistics) even after the COVID-19 pandemic had brought the entire world to a standstill in 2020, representing an incredible gain of 66% from the previous year.

Now, let us see the benefits that you, as a merchant, would get.

  • Increase in Sales

You can achieve outstanding sales figures with the integration of Dili‘s Easy Installment Payment Options. It is easy to integrate and customer-friendly. It enables online merchants to provide customers with the most suitable EMI plans for expensive services. Moreover, it gives customers the flexibility to pay in regular installments, so they can still get what they want without exceeding their budget.

According to the survey conducted by CIRC (CUTS Institute for Regulation and Competition), 42% of online businesses reported a moderate to exponential rise in sales, with 71% indicating that the festival season significantly increased sales.

  • Higher cash flow

Providing installment payment options to customers means that Dili sends you the whole amount instantaneously and later collects the amount from customers in installments. This relieves you from having to collect further payments and guarantees that you won’t be exposed to risk if the client skips payments or can’t make payments on the loan. You don’t have to worry because you will be paid no matter what.

  • More customers

Offering financing options increases the pool of potential customers for your company simply because more people can afford your services. It also enables you to penetrate a newer segment of customers.

  • Better customer experience

Customers may find it stressful to make huge payments. Offering flexible payment options will increase their buying power. And it will put them at ease by providing a convenient and seamless experience for everyone involved.

  • Increased average order value

Offering financing programs like Installment payment options can be a good strategy to upsell your customers. You might be able to convince them that a small increase in their regular installment payment would enable them to take up better services.

Thus, installment payment options are a win-win for all parties involved. This will help you not only to expand your business but also manage it effectively in various situations. This Diwali, get started with Dili and skyrocket your sales.

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