The growing trend of workations in India and across the globe

Workation has been a new travel lingo in vogue for the past couple of years, especially amongst the netizens of the world. This travel trend that dawned upon individuals across the world post the covid crisis has been perhaps the most appealing, exciting and now catching up as a new normal and a way of life. The basic definition of workation is actually the combination of your work or business with leisure. With the compulsive lockdowns during the pandemic, a majority of the population and companies took to remote working from their homes. Workation is a subset of the remote working era. Instead of being confined to the four walls of their houses, individuals today prefer to take their work and explore new geographies while hitting their targets.

There is a strong emerging trend amongst individuals propagating towards workation. Research has shown that around 84% of the individuals on frequent workations are more satisfied with their job. 83% of the individuals have reported that working from anywhere has helped them cope with the burnout and 69% are less likely to quit their current jobs after going on a workation. These statistics are extremely encouraging and has played a prominent role in promoting this work culture. 

The chart above shows the percentage of respondents that intend to work from a holiday location. India in itself has seen an exponential growth in working participants increasingly migrating towards a work from anywhere culture.  A report from OYO Travelopedia 2021 stated that 85% of the people working remotely preferred working away from home in a scenic location. 

The encouraging statistics are a result of the direct benefits that come with taking a workation. It contributes immensely to mental agility and enables an individual to work profoundly, especially when exploring new places. An increased number of individuals that reside in the urban regions “the city dwellers” of the country have shown a keen interest in working off-beat, betwixt the quaint surroundings of villages and hill stations. Moreover, this is an added advantage to individuals working in professions that demand constant creativity. The secludedness creates an environment that leads to an increase in concentration and helps individuals gather inspiration from their surroundings to work at their peak efficiency.

Workation also provides the added advantage for individuals to explore different countries and experience various cultures keeping their cash inflow intact. Today an individual does not have to quit his job to travel the world and live his dream. The culture of workation effectively allows this without much of a hindrance. Any place with good connectivity and a Wi-Fi network is suitable and can be used to work with ease. At Dili, we look to encourage every individual in our country to take the leap forward and pursue their dream workation. Be it taking a cruise in the Mediterranean or sunbathing on the beach of Macau, you can use payment-in-instalments structure to fulfil your dreams without the upfront payment of cash. So now take the first step and plan the best workation with all the help you need to make it enjoyable and memorable for time to come.  

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