How the easy loan options are making medical treatments affordable

Without a doubt, one of the most important sectors in any economy worldwide is healthcare. The robustness of this industry determines objectively the future growth of any country. Adequate healthcare is a necessity for individuals to get a sense of security and not be distressed with healthcare issues. This enables them to maximize their potential in their profession contributing to sustainable growth in the real economy. But very frequently, even with the best healthcare infrastructure in place for many countries, affordability for medical treatments is the topic of major concern. 

Healthcare costs have risen unreasonably high with most analysts predicting these costs to reach unsustainable levels without adequate reforms in the near future. Few research reports conclude that going over the budget of spending on healthcare infrastructure still remains endemic in most countries. Projections show that the costs of healthcare from around 6% of GDP today may reach 9% of GDP for most countries by 2030 and around 14% by 2060.

A study from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reveals the five key factors associated with the increase in costs for healthcare and medical treatments.

  • Population growth
  • Disease prevalence or incidence
  • Service price and intensity
  • Population ageing 
  • Medical service utilization

The authors of this study concluded that the service price and intensity including the rising costs of pharmaceutical drugs made up for more than 50% of the price increase.

With these costs at elevated levels and constantly scaling new highs, it is necessary for individuals to work around the affordability of their medical expenses. This is where easy loans available at the place where the health related services are consumed, step in. It is an affordable and a more rational method of payment. Since we all know that medical and hospital bills have a significant impact on our net worth, it is but wise to explore options which enable the payment to be split into affordable instalments and not pay the complete amount at a single time. Medical treatments tend to get more affordable for an individual if he is given the option to stagger his payments. We at Dili offer our customers such services that can help an individual make peace with any medical expenditures coming his way. We offer options for  payment-in-instalments that assists in reducing the burden of a lump sum payment for the individual and tends to have a lesser impact on his daily expenditures. Staggering his payments helps the individual mitigate a cash crunch and helps him maintain his standard of living. This will in turn help make medical treatments much more affordable facilitating longevity and a healthier tomorrow.      

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