Importance of maintaining a good nutritional diet

The capacity of the body to perform activities without becoming exhausted is known as physical fitness. Fitness is often attained through healthy eating, rest, and moderate to vigorous physical activity. Nutrition is also important since it provides the energy needed for intense workouts. The growing epidemic of obesity is due to the recent decline in physical activity levels. An active lifestyle and a nutritional diet are required to maintain a healthy weight.

How we feel and how well we perform in a day is highly influenced by the food that we consume on a regular basis and also by the amount of physical activity that we put in. Hence, it is very crucial to eat the right food and to perform adequate exercise.

Everybody is different when it comes to eating and exercising. So pay attention to your overall performance as well as how you feel during your workout. Which dietary routines to follow before and after exercise should be determined by your personal experience. For the purpose of adjusting your diet for optimum performance, do maintain a journal to track how your body responds to meals and snacks.

Even though we think about the health benefits of nutrition and physical activity separately, there is evidence that integrating both nutrition and physical activity produces better results than focusing on one or the other.


Nutrition is all about eating healthy and thus maintaining a balanced diet. It means intake of the right amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins, essential fatty acids, and carbohydrates.

Appropriate Nutrition would comprise of the following:

  • Consume a lot of fruits and vegetables
  • Intake foods that are low in added sugars, saturated fats, and sodium.
  • Consume whole grains
  • Consume fat-free milk


Hydration is also crucial to overall health and optimal performance. We all lose water due to normal bodily functions. And, dehydration can result in heart diseases, changed metabolic functions, and increased body temperature. Hence, it is very important to have an adequate amount of water at regular intervals.

Physical activity

Physical activity involves any form of movement that uses energy. Anyone who is physically active can reap its benefits, regardless of size, shape, or ability. Physical activity can be anything that you like. It can be working out in a gym or practicing yoga or cycling, etc

Being active and making wise food choices have a lot of benefits. Some benefits are:

  • Lower the risk of chronic diseases
  • Help to maintain a healthy weight
  • Enhance overall well-being
  • Keep one active throughout the day

Thus, physical activity and nutrition go hand in hand. Your daily lifestyle decisions could influence your future health. Maintaining a healthy diet and engaging in regular exercise can prevent or postpone age-related health issues. However, all these come at a cost. At Dili, we make available easy payment in instalments options for you to help yourselves by enrolling in various health and fitness programs. With Dili by your side, it is time to start taking charge of your health.

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