The importance of skill development and its effects on the growth of working professionals

Professional knowledge. This is one of the most important requirements demanded by any employer or organization. The value of professional knowledge is absolute. This attribute gets the ball rolling for an individual at the start of his career. Having an in-depth insight into one’s field of expertise provides an edge and increases the prospects of employment. But the professional world is always evolving and today advances in technology have been a critical factor in this evolution. Despite the disruption caused by new technologies, a wider emphasis is laid upon possessing innately human capabilities that have an indirect but broader impact on value creation. A step deeper into professional knowledge is encouraged by all means, but the world today is always looking for something more, something value accretive leading to an all-round development of the individual and the workplace around him.

Skill development for a working professional does not necessarily mean reskilling. Universally, skill development can be defined as acquiring an additional prowess that can contribute to an enhancement in one’s career. Skill development today is not a matter of choice, it is imperative to survive, adapt and succeed. India’s demographic dividend has been widely believed to be the country’s largest social and economic asset. With 54% of the Indian population under the age of 25, it is essential to equip the youth with not just what the traditional education system in India  but also equip them with affordable relevant and flexible capabilities necessary for their growth. According to a survey, only 25% of the Indian workforce has undergone a skill development program. This is a relatively small percentage sighting the opportunity of growth. According to the World Trade Organization, India’s level of GDP may witness an increase of 3% to 5% if it focuses on encouraging skill development and training. 

Today, graduates and professionals just passing out of college find themselves in a fix to land a job even after their impressive grades and academic success. Similarly, working professionals find it extremely difficult to climb up the corporate ladder even after all the hard work and countless hours spent behind a computer screen. For working professionals, it is the feeling of stagnation that sets in due to rising expenses and the cost of living. Hence constant growth in an individual’s career is essential. Skill development for working professionals can be implemented in countless disciplines. A working professional in a corporate job could look to upskill his career by pursuing an online part-time MBA program. This not only equips him with the extra qualification but also helps him keep his job during this career enhancement program. With the world migrating towards technology today, there are various courses offered online in areas like Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. These two have become the buzzwords of any industry now and any level of expertise in these sectors is encouraged. One might also want to enhance his professional career by improving his soft skills. An individual may want to learn time management to maintain a healthy work-life balance, or practice problem solving and speaking skills.

Developing these additional skills is an integral part of any professional’s career. At Dili, we help and encourage individuals to capitalize on these opportunities by bringing options for  payment in installments and making such avenues affordable that can help fast-track one’s career without burning a hole in their pockets. This way professionals can obtain the necessary certifications without worrying about the financial impact it would create on their daily lives. So now go ahead and fearlessly step into the world of endless opportunities that may help better your and your dear ones’ life.                 

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