Importance of Maintaining a Work-life Balance

In the present day, the hard-working routine of professional executives gets the better part of their lives. An extraordinary number of individuals flock to-and-fro from their homes to their offices on a daily basis. To provide for their family, these individuals have no other choice but to put their heads down and get into the grind which may last for several years and take up most of their time and energy. A new trend of working from home has caught on like the wind where executives have been working longer hours and putting in comparatively more effort to get things done. According to the Microsoft Work Trend Index report for the year ended 2021, one-third of the working professionals in India sighted an incremental rate of burnout. The inability to maintain a balance between their professional and personal lives has been reported as the primary stressor amongst 34% of the workers, which was followed by an extreme increase in workload and the unmanageable and long working hours reported by 38% of these individuals. 

These numbers tell us a story in themselves. There is an urgent need for working executives and professionals to maintain an extraordinary balance between their professional and personal lives. This awareness has been catching on lately with many individuals realizing the importance of appreciating the other side of life. They have realized that the office rut has made their senses dull and their working capabilities less efficient. As the formulae in physics, work done is force times displacement. What this essentially means is that a lot of effort or work may be put in by an individual but a lack of efficiency to cause displacement or an impact makes his efforts redundant. It is therefore essential for an individual once in a while to step out of their office going routine and connect with themselves.

The trend of working executives pursuing their hobbies like trekking, cooking, music, art, etc has been catching on. The consciousness of maintaining a mental balance has become prominent in a significant way. It is difficult for individuals to digress from their daily routine and pursue such activities for the lack of finances that they need for their essential expenses. 

The rising rate of attrition is a clear indication of people wanting to work in an environment that can help maintain a work-life balance. According to LinkedIn’s “Future of Work” study 2021, nearly 9 in 10 i.e., around 86% of the respondents believe that the hybrid working model will positively impact their work-life balance. Research also shows that individuals are willing to quit their jobs and find new ones even at lower pay scales to indulge in various other activities and pursue their hobbies. This will help maintain a healthier ecosystem with individuals living longer and healthier lives. Therefore, at Dili, we offer financial assistance to individuals to step out and follow their passion. Visit our website and help us help you take that step towards your dreams. As we say, Dream It, Live It Now!

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