Top 5 grooming tips for women

There has been a steep rise in people opting for cosmetic procedures in India. The study also reveals that 76% of the women want to opt for cosmetic procedures and around 35% have already opted for the same. Another interesting fact from this study is that the age group of women who are opting for grooming procedures ranges between 35 years to 50 years. 

Reason behind the rise in cosmetic procedures

One of the primary reasons people opt for cosmetic procedures is the increased level of UV rays, population, and stress which are affecting the skin texture of people and deteriorating it drastically. This is evident from the choice of cosmetic procedures which are on the rise. The most sought-after cosmetic procedures include chemical peeling, facelifts, and skin firming. 

These cosmetic procedures are neither invasive, thus there is no risk involved, nor painful. However, all these procedures are extremely helpful in restoring your skin health. 

Top 5 grooming tips

There is a myth about grooming, that people opt for grooming procedures, for looking good. However, taboos are getting broken, and people are realizing the real meaning and benefits of grooming which is taking care of yourself, and presenting yourself with confidence to the world. Here are a few grooming tips for all the beautiful women out there – 

  1. Use minimal makeup: Using minimal makeup will not only help you look elegant but it will also keep your skin healthy. Excessive use of makeup can lead to different skin issues. 
  2. Maintain your hairdo: Always get a haircut at regular intervals as that will keep your hairdo intact and help your hair grow as well. 
  3. Chemical peeling for skin exfoliation: Your skin inhales toxic chemicals every day as the air pollution level in our country is exponentially high. With time, all these chemicals, and particles keep building a layer on the skin that hides the actual skin tone and texture. If you want to restore your skin quality, you can opt for a chemical peeling procedure. This is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that helps in removing the layer of chemicals accumulated on the skin over time to restore the natural skin tone and health. 
  4. Facelift & Skin firming: If you want your skin to be smooth like when you were young, then facelift or skin firming procedures can be helpful. You can consult the dermatologist for the right procedure as per your skin’s requirements. 
  5. Choose the right dress and footwear: Finally, to look presentable and confident, you need to be comfortable in your clothes. So, wearing the clothes which are right for your body type is crucial along with the right pair of shoes. 

Earlier, cosmetic procedures were considered only for actors, and celebrities given the extravagant cost of these procedures. However, with changing times, financial services like Dili make available easy payment-in-instalment options for all types of cosmetic procedures, can easily afford these procedures without worrying about the expenses. 

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