Top skill sets to develop for a good side income

The pandemic taught us nothing is certain in life, not even your permanent job. Around 1 crore people in India lost their jobs due to Covid-19. The income of around 97% of the households declined due to the pandemic. Many understood the importance of a plan B or a side income after losing their primary source of income. However, one good thing that happened during this unprecedented time was the acceptance of digital services or a rise in contractual work. If you are looking for the right side hustle to earn or increase your income, then here are five in-demand skill sets you can consider. 

  1. UX Designer: The technology market has been evolving continuously and if you are frequent on LinkedIn or other professional platforms, you will see a huge rise in the demand for UX Designers. UX Designers make sure that every app, website, and other online platform developed can provide a seamless experience to the users. They make sure that the applications, online products, and services are accessible without any hassle. There are different online courses on UX Designing that you can opt for. Though it will take some time to explore the different aspects of UX designing as it incorporates market research, design, technology, psychology of the target audience, and business acumen. However, the time you invest in acquiring this skill can fetch you great returns. 
  2. Translators: If you are interested in working with global clients, then learning translation can be your thing. Learning foreign languages such as German, Russian, French, Japanese, Italian, Dutch, and Spanish can help you build a side hustle of your own. You can work as a translator in your free time. Linguistic skills are always appreciated and can add to your resume as well. You can find different institutes offering foreign language courses online and offline. You can choose at your convenience. 
  3. Digital Marketing: Digital marketing has become one of the top online courses that people are opting for these days. The reason is the huge demand in this field. With businesses trying to create an online presence, and expand their network, digital marketers are in high demand. You can learn about search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and inbound marketing when you enroll in a digital marketing course. 
  4. AI courses: Artificial Intelligence is the future however, it is also a threat to many jobs. Though it is a complex subject, people with a background in mathematics, and IT can opt for AI-related courses to not only build a side hustle but also ensure the security of their jobs in the future. 
  5. Affiliate marketing: By building a strong social media presence of your own, you can become an affiliate marketer as well. The courses related to affiliate marketing will help you learn how to generate online traffic to your website or online platform where you can promote the products and services of other businesses. 

Learning is essential to keep yourself updated and learning a new skill can never go in vain. Whether you decide to learn for a side hustle or simply to upgrade yourself, now is the time to do it. With Dili, you can learn new skills without worrying about the cost. Dili makes available easy instalment options which make such courses affordable. So, if you are ready to fly high, Dili is here to give you the wings. 

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