Travel to Qatar to watch the World Cup live!

It has been four years since France kissed the FIFA World Cup trophy, and the world is ready to crown the next champion. Qatar is hosting one of the biggest sports events in the world, the football World Cup, and the days left for the extravaganza to begin are numbered. The World Cup is expected to see a footfall of at least a million, and the country has built infrastructure, including new expressways, to be able to handle the same.

Witnessing the World Cup in real life could be a dream for every football fan. But, in most cases, what stands between you and your dream could be money. It would be a challenging ask to amass a corpus big enough to afford your travel, stay, and tickets.

But one way to go about it is to avail of zero interest easy installment scheme. Such a scheme would allow you to pay off your travel over several months without additional interest. Let us calculate the average expenses of such a trip and see how easily the installment scheme could help.


Your favorite game ticket is the first thing that you should buy. This is because Qatar authorities have restricted tourist entry into the country during the World Cup period, and you will need a game ticket to be able to apply for a visa. The below table has the price details.

Match typeCategory 1(in INR)Category 2(in INR)Category 3(in INR)Category 4(in INR)
Opening matches49587.0035261.8724242.534407.73
Group matches18196.4713223.205509.67881.55
Round of 1622038.6716529.007713.531542.71
3rd place match34159.9324242.5316529.006611.60

All prices in are in INR according to currency conversion rates of 31st October 2022.


Once you have grabbed the tickets, it is now time to secure your visa. The Visa process is usually straightforward, and it costs Indians below the age of 55 an average of Rs.10,000. If you are above 55, a Qatar visa may cost you up to Rs.16,000.


Flight rates are dynamic, and the costs depend on the origin airport, booking date, airline, etc. A flight to Qatar from Mumbai on 19th November, a day before the World Cup, may cost you between Rs.25,000 to Rs.55,000 as of October 31st, 2022, as per google flights.

Stay and other expenses

Finally, you have to budget for the stay and other expenses (such as food). This dynamic will depend on the number of days, choice of food and hotel, etc.

A costly affair

Considering all the above factors and other miscellaneous expenses, you could be shelling out more than Rs.2 lakh in most cases. The amount is enormous, and you may need help to accommodate the same in your monthly budget.

A zero-interest EMI can ensure you can pay this amount over several months, without paying any additional interest.

Make use of the easy payment options brought to you by Dili and turn your dream of watching your favourite footballer and team play into a reality. Log on to our website and find out more. 

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