Venturing into Extracurriculars as a Part of Childrens’ Life

According to the Harvard Gazette, it turns out that smarter children are made not born.  There is concrete evidence to prove that children today are able to understand and do things that are well beyond their age. Unlike what happened in the generations prior to the current, they often start school already knowing how to write and read. They are often a whiz on the technological front and quite frequently exhibit a better understanding of electronic gadgets and devices than their adults. It is due to living in this competitive world that families need to encourage their children to look above and beyond the fundamental teachings of their respective schools and colleges to further elevate an ability of their interest. It is essential for children these days to come out and express themselves creating an ecosystem of not just academics but an all-round development.

It is often said that a child is a reflection of their upbringing and the people he/she has been surrounded with. Therefore, it is vehemently important for families to give that extra push and the encouragement needed to pursue an extracurricular activity. In today’s times, having an extra skill other than the high-flying grades in traditional academics is a must-have prerequisite to secure admission to the best colleges in the world. It also helps embody a character that reflects discipline, commitment and the will to learn something new.

As it was famously said by Benjamin Franklin “Hide not your talents, they for use were made. What’s a sundial in the shade?”. Talent is often possessed by one and all. It is the honing of this talent at an early age that makes all the difference. As research shows that the development of the brain stops at the age of 25. Hence it is extremely important to manifest the abilities at an early age. Children today may want to pursue a wide range of activities right from sports to music to taking up a course in art.

For a better learning experience, all parents would want their children to enrol in the best academies and obtain training and guidance from the elite in their industry. At Dili, we look to present this opportunity right at the doorstep of every Indian. Dili helps an individual on the journey to self-enhancement in the form of quick and easy loans. Securing finance can help children get a shot at enhancing their careers and become globally more competitive. A wider number of children if encouraged and given the opportunity to beat on their craft will cause an all-round upliftment of the society and the country as a whole.             

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